Sunday, December 13, 2009

Youth of Today

Richard Rodriguez is on point when he describes how how kids these days are not like the other generations.

The richest people who sell Nikes to the youths to entice them to keep buying their products. Some or at least most teens these days do not have reliable parents who are on crack, and who get pregnant so young. TV is influencing kid's behavior these days, to see black rappers, and mayhem on the inner city.

American parents say their children grow up too quickly, who won't leave home, and that they invent their own tongue so adult's can't understand what they are saying. It's almost like another language that only they can perceive.

Kid's are getting influenced by all these rockstars now, and not by rappers, which is just as bad, maybe even worse than rappers. It's turning them into something they are not, and when they become adult's they are not going to be as respectable and as normal as the previous generation was.

It's just a fad kid's go through but I blame TV, Media, Propaganda, Music, Internet, all this nonsense which filters in kid's head and doesn't let them think for themselves with a clear mind.
It's quite obvious how if the media and propaganda wasn't around, kids would be alittle bit more normal, and there probably would be less crime, and kids would stay in school more and understand exactly how the world arounds them functions as it does today in it's present form.

Refection of Britt's Essay

I have to agree with Britt. She states how neat people are more lazier and meaner than sloppier people.

Neat people get mad or angry when something is not done a certain way, and think it is bad, or terrible. They want everything to be perfect and concerned with everything being neat, tidy, and orderly.

Neat people, as she criticize, throw everything away, and do not save paper clippings, or pieces of something, and state that they are dust catchers.

She favors a sloppy person over a neat person, which is true in this day and age.

Pathos in "I Have a Dream"

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. incorporates pathos in many numerous ways in his speech. One of these ways was to describe the "chains of discrimination," and being horrifically traumatized by the shameful conditions.

He describe's Lincoln's speech and the pursuit of happiness.

He says the riches of freedom, the security of justice, and that all men are created equal, which ties into all children are God's children.

Tannen's Essay

Tannen's Essay basically shows that there are two different of speaking.

There is "Drect-Communication", which is direct and straightforward and "Indirect-Communication" which you don't say it straight and you say it very politely.

I believe that you should use direct-communication and not be sarcastic and say what you mean and what you are supposed to do. It's more critical to use it in airplane, hospital and school situations but other places you can joke around and use indirect communication.

When your with your parents you have to be direct since my mom always wants to hear the right thing, you can't be sarcastic and I think it's really bad to be sarcastic in some situations.

You can't be direct to everyone, as someone might take it the wrong way, but indirect can also not give the message completely out there, so you would need to be direct and tell it how it is, it also can help in many, many situations.

College Pressures

There are way too many college pressures these days.
We all have some pressures he doesn't describe in his story.
Financal aid, registering for classes, getting the books you need, and making sure you pass all your classes with at least a C or better.

I find college a bit easier than high school, it's not as much of a pressure environment. What's really good is I see more adults, people that have their heads on right, and they know what they are their for.

High school was like whatever, and people were there to meet, hang out, and get 5 different girlfriends.

The college pressures are usually the same for each coollege.


Man, she really talks about what she likes and doesn't like about each man. Toth is very picky about each man, stating what each one does. The last one is a hypocrite, having a girlfriend and then going out with her. I couldn't imagine that this is real but it sadly is. She likes to go by herself, as she said. She feels more at home.

It kind of proves there is no perfect guy, women look too much for that sometimes, and in the end nothing is perfect, but you can come close I guess.

Sexism in Language

Even today, there is always sexism in language. Men are viewed as professional, powerful and strong. Women are viewed as beautiful and sexy.
Hero, stewards, hair, and waiter and waitress have a masculine and feminine form to seperate them.

It's amazing how obvious this is.

Marriage used to be love, honor and obey now it's love,honor, and cherish. It was even worse to make the men look higher, it used to be women that were high, now men are.

We always like to make the masculine form seem strong while the women seem a bit more passive.